IQAM Research Center

In order to intensify the dialogue between academic research in the area of finance on the one hand and practical asset management on the other, IQAM Invest, the TU Vienna University of Technology and the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business together founded the IQAM Research Center.


IQAM Research Center

The goal of the IQAM Research Center - a cooperation between IQAM Invest, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business - is to advance the practical application of cutting-edge academic findings in asset and risk management strategies. The Research Center aims to be a leading platform for academics, practitioners and the public in the area of asset management. To achieve this, we promote know-how in the area of finance and also organise events such as investment seminars and talks.

IQAM Research

Our very own Research Department develops sophisticated asset management models that are extensively tested before being applied in practice. Our Scientific Management – operationally active university professors with excellent international connections – ensure this, as do our highly committed asset management employees.

Academic Research

Here you can find a selection of research papers from members of the Scientific Management team and employees of IQAM Invest. These deal mainly with fundamental research, which is often directly or indirectly put into practice in IQAM Invest products and services. Some of these papers have already been published in leading international journals and some are still working papers.

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