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Owner and issuer:
IQAM Invest GmbH

Franz-Josef-Straße 22
5020 Salzburg

T +43 505 8686-0
F +43 505 8686-869

Head office: Salzburg
Court of commercial register: Civil Court of Salzburg
Commercial register number: 54453 d
UID-Number: ATU 38580200
DVR-Number: 0759694
Competent supervisory board: Finanzmarktaufsicht, Otto-Wagner-Platz 5, 1090 Vienna
Industrial authority: Salzburg Municipality
Member of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce

We are happy to answer questions about IQAM Invest funds from our institutional investors.

We ask private clients to contact a bank advisor they trust directly.


IQAM Invest GmbH    

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
IQAM Partner GmbH

Board of Directors
Dr. Thomas Steinberger
Holger Wern

Supervisory Board
Dr. Ulrich Neugebauer (Chairman)
Thomas Ketter (Assistant Chairman)
Thomas Leicher
Thomas Schneider

Delegates from the Worker's Council
Dr. Peter Pavlicek
Sylvia Peroutka

IQAM Invest GmbH is member of The Association of Austrian Investment Companies (VÖIG,

Basic purpose of informationn
Presentation of IQAM Invest GmbH.

Type of business
Management of mutual funds and supplying financial servies and commercial services pertaining to financial instruments.


Please refer to the above contact details in order to notify IQAM Invest GmbH of any issues (investor complaints within the meaning of § 11 of the 2011 Austrian Investment Fund Act (Investmentfondsgesetz,InvFG). Issues will be handled within ten banking days. If clarification is not possible within this time limit, the sender will receive interim notification of the current status of his issue. Upon request we will be pleased to provide you with further information, free-of-charge, on our procedures for handling investor complaints. IQAM Invest GmbH is also a member of the Joint Conciliation Board of the Austrian Banking Industry (Gemeinsame Schlichtungsstelle der Österreichischen Kreditwirtschaft) which you may contact in case of any complaints concerning UCITS (Directive-compliant funds) managed by us.