Intelligent Risk Management

IQAM Invest offers excellent solutions for managing investment risk.

Thanks to our Intelligent Risk Management, a method we developed ourselves, we can offer you the greatest possible security in reaching your long-term earnings targets. In-depth knowledge, identifying risks early on and managing them – these play a big role in all decisions.

Economic lessons learned in the past 10 to 15 years show that active risk and asset management strategies can greatly improve investors’ reward-risk ratio. IQAM Invest’s strategies aim to consistently utilise the long-term yield premiums of selected factors by combining them dynamically and intelligently in such a way that enables investors to reach their long-term earnings targets with the highest possible security.

IQAM Invest advises institutional clients on developing and implementing Value at Risk (VaR) risk management systems, especially in the area of asset management.


Intelligent Risk Management

Managing investment risk is especially vital during challenging market phases. The hedging strategies applied by IQAM Invest overcome the deficiencies of conventional concepts. IQAM Invest’s Intelligent Risk Management draws on the latest research findings when calculating risk ratios and has been successfully implemented for many years.

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