Equity Strategies

In the area of shares, IQAM Invest offers classic equity and quality equity strategies.

IQAM Invest’s Classic Equity Strategies combine two factors – namely, value and sentiment – in order to achieve the best possible mix (= diversification) for the portfolio. Value equities (= valuation) are lower-rated shares that are acquired, for instance, when their current stock market price is below carrying value. In addition to the valuation, the sentiment (= prevailing mood) on the market or towards individual securities is also taken into account. If the market sentiment of a share improves, this momentum usually also leads to a positive future price development.


With its Quality Equity Strategies IQAM Invest complements the factors “value” and “sentiment” with “quality” factors that make the portfolio even more stable (higher diversification), thereby achieving an above average risk-return relation. Quality filters (Quality) are, for example, a low debt equity ratio, high profitability and long-term stable earnings growth. Such lower-rated shares with a positive sentiment and corresponding quality are exactly the kind that IQAM Invest chooses.

The specially developed IQAM Sentiment Index is applied to both the Classic Equity Strategies and the Quality Equity Strategies. IQAM Invest has further developed the existing measurement approaches and gauges the market sentiment on a monthly basis. Various financial market indicators such as the development of the equity trading volume (How actively are shares traded on the markets?) and the implicit market volatility (How much does it cost to hedge against market losses?) on the one hand, and sentiment survey results (How optimistic are enterprises and consumers about the future development?) on the other, factor into the IQAM Sentiment Index. If the sentiment is particularly high, there is a risk that an excessive risk appetite may prevail on the capital markets and that a price adjustment may be imminent. If, on the other hand, the sentiment is especially low, this shows that investors may be too pessimistic and that a recovery on the capital markets is in the offing.


Equity strategies are offered for:

  • European equities
  • North American equities
  • Pacific equities
  • Emerging markets equities
  • Global equities

IQAM Sentiment Index

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