Asset Management

IQAM Invest offers a wide variety of portfolio strategies and specially developed models in the area of special funds.


IQAM Invest offers a large number of portfolio strategies and specially developed, theoretically well-founded special fund models.

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Asset Allocation

Academic research findings and their practical implementation clearly show that certain active risk and asset management strategies generate additional returns for the investor.

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Bond Strategies

IQAM Invest offers three specially developed, well-founded bond models.

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Equity Strategies

In the area of shares, IQAM Invest offers classic equity and quality equity strategies.

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IQAM Invest has created two proprietary commodity indices: IQAM Commodity Index and IQAM Non-Food Commodity Index (Sustainability screened).

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Risk Management

Spängler IQAM Invest offers excellent solutions for managing investment risk.

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Important information

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