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It is of great importance to us to provide our customers with increased security and to achieve their long-term return goals.


Modern Fund Manufacturer

IQAM Invest is a modern fund manufacturer with more than 30 years’ market experience. IQAM Invest and its team of more than 50 experts in Salzburg, Vienna and Frankfurt offer professional investors high-quality investment funds and individual, tailored investment solutions. We help our customers achieve their investment goals by applying carefully selected yield factors in a risk-controlled manner. These yield factors and asset management models are not only theoretically well founded and transparent, but have also proven themselves in practice.

Customer Value

  • Uncompromising focus on our customers’ goals
  • Uncompromising focus on our customers’ goals

    Our customers and their goals are at the heart of our business. We think and act in a risk-controlled way so that our customers can achieve their investment goals with the highest possible security.

  • Solid quality in asset management
  • Solid quality in asset management

    Our asset management is based on scientifically sound insights that have been tried and tested. We systematically select and apply the yield factors in a risk-controlled way and in accordance with the defined rules of the IQAM method.

  • Long-term orientation of the investment strategies
  • Long-term orientation of the investment strategies

    The IQAM method is based on transparent, fundamental, economic contexts, facts and figures. We do not claim to predict any short-term movements of the market. Our strategies are geared to the medium- to long-term investment horizons of our customers.

  • Transparent and crystal clear
  • Transparent and crystal clear

    We make no secret of what we do and how we do it, and we actively communicate all this to our customers. This makes our entire investment process clear and transparent.

Our Company History

An auspicious origin: Great expertise thanks to more than 30 years’ market experience.

New company name and new logo

Our company name now also embodies the change in ownership: Spängler IQAM Invest GmbH is now IQAM Invest GmbH. At the same time, our logo underwent a soft relaunch, in order to further reinforce the distinct positioning and differentiation as a brand in asset management.

Both IQAM Invest and DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale have the potential to achieve great success through this merger. With a total volume amounting to more that 65 billion euros in quantitative asset management, DekaBank and IQAM Invest strive to become a leading provider of quantitative asset management in the European market. The cooperation focuses on quantitative research, which can be elevated to the highest European level by pooling the resources and expertise of the two companies.

Change in ownership

The closing per 31 December 2020 represents the successful conclusion of an important new strategic agenda, and the new owner is DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale. 

IQAM Invest has been performing successfully on the market for 30 years and has been using factor-based models in its products with great success for more than 10 years.

New branch

Spängler IQAM Invest opens an office in Frankfurt am Main.


Merger: The final step in this successful partnership is the complete amalgamation of the two companies. The resulting company now trades from the two well-established locations in Salzburg (main office) and Vienna under the name of Spängler IQAM Invest GmbH.

Establishment of the Spängler IQAM Research Center

In order to intensify the dialogue between academic research in the area of finance on the one hand and practical asset management on the other, Spängler IQAM Invest, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business together founded the Spängler IQAM Research Center. 

Establishment of the umbrella brand

In 2010 Spängler KAG and IQAM establish the umbrella brand Spängler IQAM Invest with the aim of putting the synergies of both companies to better use for clients.

Establishment of the university spin-off

The Institute for Quantitative Asset Management (IQAM) is founded as an asset management boutique. It focuses mainly on combining theory and practice. What sets IQAM apart is therefore the practical experience on the one hand and the academic insight on the other of the founding team, which today serves as the Scientific Management.

Spängler KAG has had a 50-percent share in IQAM since November 2007. A part of the Spängler funds has been managed in Vienna since 2007. The performance of the Spängler funds as well as numerous awards testify to this successful strategy.


Wüstenrot Versicherungs-AG, Porsche Bank AG, and Wohlfahrtsfonds der Ärztekammer für Salzburg (welfare fund of the Salzburg Medical Council) buy into Spängler KAG (49 percent altogether). Bankhaus Spängler retains ownership of 51 percent.

External fund management

The company builds up an extensive network of external fund managers who are responsible for managing the Spängler funds. The local expertise and comprehensive know-how of these external fund managers guarantee professional management at the highest international level.


Carl Spängler Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. (Spängler KAG) is founded as the first Austrian asset management company outside of Vienna and as a 100% subsidiary of Bankhaus Spängler, Austria’s oldest private bank.

Our Team

Thanks to our more than 50 employees in Salzburg, Vienna and Frankfurt am Main, IQAM Invest can offer professional investors premium investment funds and individual, tailor-made investment solutions.

Max Benedini-Wölfle
Ivan Bozic
Berkay Büke
Thomas Dangl
Denise Duda
Robert Ensinger
Jürgen Falschlehner
Veronika Flandera
Ani Galstyan
Herta Gugg
Martina Gugg
Thomas Haindl
Adam Halasz
Michael Halling
Melanie Hauser
Silvia Hausstätter
Fredrik Herdenfeldt
Daniela Hochreiter
Leopold Huber
Otmar Huber
delegated by works council Michael Illsinger
Gerald Kain
Gabriel Kaiser
Thomas Kaiser
Thomas Ketter
Michael Kielaszewski
Wolfgang Kienast
Angelika Kinzinger
Hannes Klein
Tim Kottke
Kevin Kurt
Juraj Kvocek
Thomas Leicher
Isolde Lindorfer
Mario Lukac
Reinhard Markin
Heinrich Mehl
Ulrich Neugebauer
Markus Nikl
Linda Nikoritsch
Sarah Osiander
Benjamin Pachner
delegated by works council Peter Pavlicek
delegated by works council Sylvia Peroutka
Paul Arnold Pichler
Saskia Pirka
Christina Pontzen
Christoph Reschenhofer
Daniel Richter
Julian Robor
Silvia Sattler
Franz Schardax
Judith Schöne-Kalchgruber
Markus Schwarzmann
Iris Seethaler
Werner Tripolt
Manuel Unger
Alexander Viski Hanka
Christof Wagenhofer
Sabine Wallinger
Holger Wern
Arne Westerkamp
Harald Wiesinger
Josef Zechner

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