Knowledge Creates Wealth

Our focus is on the customer's needs: It is of great importance to us to provide our customers with increased security and to achieve their long-term return goals.


Objective and Transparent

Our investment solutions and asset management models are not only transparent, comprehensible and based on sound research, but have also proven themselves in practice.

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Modern Fund Manufacturer

IQAM Invest is a modern, independent fund manufacturer with more than 30 years’ market experience.

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Intelligent Risk Management

IQAM Invest offers excellent solutions for managing investment risk.

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Quality in Every Detail

Our very own IQAM Research Centre develops sophisticated asset management models that are extensively tested before being applied in practice.

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Attractive Range of Funds for All Market Phases

IQAM Invest offers an attractive range of public funds and partner funds.

Public Funds

Our wide spectrum of public funds includes European bond funds, international equity funds, multi asset funds and commodity funds, to name but a few.

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Partner Funds

The primary aim of institutional investors is to achieve a sufficient overall yield and to manage the strategic risk. IQAM Invest helps you to develop a concept for your strategic asset allocation and to implement it.

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IQAM Sentiment Index

IQAM Invest has further developed the existing measurement approaches and gauges the market sentiment on a monthly basis. Various financial market indicators such as the development of the equity trading volume (How actively are shares traded on the markets?) and the implicit market volatility (How much does it cost to hedge against market losses?) on the one hand, and sentiment survey results (How optimistic are enterprises and consumers about the future development?) on the other, factor into the IQAM Sentiment Index.

IQAM Sentiment Index

Alternative Investments

IQAM Commodity Index 95.44

IQAM Non-Food Commodity Index 98.56

Source: IQAM Invest, 18.07.2024

Asset Management

IQAM Invest offers a large number of portfolio strategies for institutional investors. Each strategy is based on disciplined, quantitative concepts.


IQAM Invest offers a large number of portfolio strategies and specially developed, theoretically well-founded special fund models.

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Asset Allocation

Academic research findings and their practical implementation clearly show that certain active risk and asset management strategies generate additional returns for the investor.

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Bond Strategies

IQAM Invest offers three specially developed, well-founded bond models.

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Equity Strategies

In the area of shares, IQAM Invest offers classic equity and quality equity strategies.

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IQAM Invest has created two proprietary commodity indices: IQAM Commodity Index and IQAM Non-Food Commodity Index (Sustainability screened).

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Risk Management

Spängler IQAM Invest offers excellent solutions for managing investment risk.

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IQAM Research Center

In order to intensify the dialogue between academic research in the area of finance on the one hand and practical asset management on the other, IQAM Invest, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business together founded the IQAM Research Center.

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